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Need service fast? We’ve got you covered.

Instrument down time always hurts, plain and simple. However some instruments are absolutely essential to your business. If it is out of commission, you could be in serious trouble.

The solution to this dilemma is Keystone Priority Service! Keystone Priority Service has been developed to give your instrument priority attention. Keystone Priority Service will greatly reduce your down time and get you back on the job fast, increasing your productivity and pro tability.

Keystone Priority Service Benefits:

  • Priority Status: Having priority status means that your instrument will be rushed in front of standard orders and it will be inspected and estimated before other standard orders.

  • Rapid Estimate on In House Service: With Rapid Estimate, you will receive an estimate from our knowledgeable Service Technicians within 1 business day of receiving your instrument.

  • Rapid Repair on In House Service: With Rapid Repair, once we receive your estimate approval, your repair will be completed within 1 business day. If we have any parts out of stock, you will be noti ed of any delays that same day and given a lead time.

  • Priority Processing and Shipping: Once completed, your order will be shipped out before any standard orders and given priority in processing.

  • Easy to Upgrade: To upgrade your order to priority status, note it on your Service Request Form or online Service Form.

Priority Service on All Equipment: $120

At Keystone Precision Solutions our goal is to build a strong, long-lasting partnership with our customers. Whether you’re in need of repairs, rentals, new or used equipment, or just industry knowledge, it’s always our pleasure to help you out.

Miguel Colom, Vice President of Services


  • Rapid Estimate and Rapid Repair can only be provided for repairs done at KPI. If repair must be sent back to the manufacturer, we will do all we can do attain an estimate and complete your repair as quickly as possible.
  • Priority Processing and shipping assures that your order is rst to ship over any standard orders once completed, expedited shipping is available separately.
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