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We assist in locating optimal routes, assessing terrain conditions, and evaluating the feasibility of transportation projects. By utilizing advanced surveying techniques like LiDAR scanning and GPS data collection, experts can gather essential data for informed decision-making.

Our software seamlessly integrates surveying data with geographic information systems (GIS), enabling accurate mapping and spatial analysis. This integration facilitates tasks such as identifying suitable locations for transportation infrastructure, monitoring environmental impacts, and managing the efficient distribution of resources within the transportation network.


KPS is connecting and simplifying the world’s supply chain, empowering customers at every facet, to maximize productivity of people and resources.

KPS offers a wide range of services to cater to your needs. Our dedicated teams provide in-house repairs, preventative maintenance, and technical support for both hardware and software. We go the extra mile by offering rental and loaner equipment, ensuring your operations stay uninterrupted. 

We also provide valuable consultation services to empower your business and drive its success. With our protection plans, you receive unparalleled coverage, surpassing standard factory warranties. We safeguard against accidental damage, extend wear and tear protection, and even offer preventative maintenance services.