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ML1M Subsurface Instruments Magnetic Locator LCD Meter

Subsurface Instruments ML-1M Magnetic Locator w/ LCD Meter

  • Manufacturer: Subsurface Locators

  • In categories: Locators

  • SKU: ML1M

  • AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • Price: $980.00

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The ML-1M is one of SSI’s longest-enduring and industry-leading products for magnetic detection. Whether you’re seeking corner markers (iron or steel), well casings, steel drums or septic tank handles, this is the go-to magnetic locator for you.
And for good reason. The ML series offers simple one-handed operation with an easy-to-learn keypad featuring only three buttons – no menus or cumbersome instructions to follow. The audio unit has the volume built into the on/off key; just hold down the key while it cycles through the settings. The ML-1M features strong monotube construction, providing structural integrity you can count on.
In addition to the features of the original ML-1, the ML-1M is metered, offering you added features without added complexity. The digital meter provides for visual signal strength, polarity indication, gain setting plus battery life display. These versions are engineered to operate identically with the same controls.
  • Easy and simple one-hand operation; built-in handle 
  • Easy to learn; 3 keypad switches: on/off and volume, sensitivity up and sensitivity down 
  • Volume built into the on/off key; just hold down the key while it cycles through the settings 
  • Electronic keypad with tactile switches. A real speaker is in the front panel, providing outstanding volume. the last time the unit was on 
  • Non-metered (ML-1) and metered (ML-1M) versions are designed to look, feel and operate the same 
  • Over 5,000 ML-1M units in Afghanistan used for detection of improved explosive devices (IEDs) and unexploded ordnance (UXOs) 
  • Microprocessor remembers the volume and gain settings from
  • ML-1M version with LCD shows positive or negative polarity and signal strength. Detect edges of covers, pipe joints. 
  • ML-1M adds features without complexity. No learning curve between units. 
  • Strong aluminum monotube construction from the tip through the end of the handle and ABS injection-molded electronics case (3 ¼” tapered to 2 ½”-wide X 4 ½” tapered to 2 ½”-deep) provide the best structural integrity in a hand-held locator 
  • Lightweight; only about two pounds including batteries 
  • Uses 2 regular alkaline 9-volt batteries, parallel; included 
  • Soft pack carrying case included (optional hard case available) 
  • Battery compartment separated from electronic components and circuit board. No exposing electronics to replace the batteries. 
  • Made in the USA – Built and serviced entirely in Wisconsin


Overall Length

38.75 in (98.4 cm)


2.0 lbs (0.9 kg) including batteries

Input Power

Two (2) standard 9-volt alkaline batteries

Battery Life

40 hours average


7 years

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