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UL633N Spectra Precision UL633N

Spectra Precision UL633N

  • Manufacturer: Spectra Precision

  • In categories: Laser Levels & Accessories

  • SKU: UL633N

  • AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • Price: $3,553.85

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The Spectra Precision Ul633N is the first construction laser that features total automatic control of all three X,Y, and Z axes.  Laser is automatic self-levling in horizontal, vertical and dual grade (X and Y axes) with grade ranges of -25% to 25%

The UL633N has both radio and infrared communications that enable layout taks to be preformed with ease.  For horizontal applications the UL633N has several unique features.

-Dual Axis Plane-Lock
-Grade Match
-Automatic Axis Alingment
-Rapid 90 Degree layout

Unit includes a full runction RC603N remote control.  Can do everything from remote that can be done at laser keypad within a range of 490 feet.