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Collision Reconstruction

Our  equipment aids in gathering data on road conditions, skid marks, and other physical evidence, aiding in the determination of vehicle movements and factors contributing to the accident. The collected data serves as a foundation for various reconstruction techniques, such as computer simulations, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of investigative findings. Additionally, surveying equipment helps evaluate sightlines and visibility limitations, shedding light on potential obstructions that may have impacted drivers' line of sight. Overall, the use of surveying equipment in accident reconstruction empowers investigators to gather precise data, analyze dynamics, and reconstruct events with accuracy, resulting in comprehensive findings crucial for legal and insurance purposes.

Collision Reconstruction

Next-Generation Geospatial Solutions for Transformative Forensics and Public Safety Efforts

In addition to top-notch equipment, KPS offers a wide range of services to cater to your needs. Our dedicated teams provide in-house repairs, preventative maintenance, and technical support for both hardware and software. We go the extra mile by offering rental and loaner equipment, ensuring your operations stay uninterrupted. 

Our valuable consultation services empower your business and propel its success. With our comprehensive protection plans, you receive unparalleled coverage that surpasses standard factory warranties. We safeguard against accidental damage, extend wear and tear protection, and even offer preventative maintenance services for added peace of mind.