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00000 Aervoe Turf Water Based Marking Paint
  • 00000 Aervoe Turf Water Based Marking Paint
  • Aervoe Turf Marking Paint
  • Aervoe Turf Water-Based Marking Paint

Aervoe Turf Water-Based Marking Paint

  • Manufacturer: Aervoe

  • In categories: Marking Products

  • SKU: 290

  • Product Option:

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Aervoe Turf Water-Based Marking Paint
This patented, water-based formulation is made specifically for upside-down marking on any surface.

  • Will not damage or burn turf or roots
  • Mark lasts up to two months
  • May be cut off after the grass has grown out
  • Safe on grass & synthetic turf
  • applicator with or without the cap on.

Aervoe Water Based Marking Paint is a highly-pigmented, durable water-based paint designed to mark and adhere to most surfaces. Packaged to operate upside down by hand or in an Paint Applicator.

Benefits: This product is a true water-based formula, not “water-added” for cost reduction. It is covered by its own U.S. patent #5,158,609. It will not damage or burn grassroots and provides a lasting line that can be cut off after the grass has grown out. Adhesion to asphalt and concrete is equal to solvent-based formulas once dried. Overspray can be cleaned up in the first 5 minutes with soap and water. After dry, the paint is water-resistant. Uniquely formulated, this paint is lead-free, non-clogging, and safer for the environment than solvent-based formulas. This product is classified under the NFPA 30B, Level 1 for warehouse storage.

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