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  • TrimbleX12_3D_2024
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  • Trimble X12 3D Laser Scanning System
  • Trimble X12 3D Laser Scanning System

Trimble X12 3D Laser Scanning System

  • Manufacturer: Trimble

  • In categories: 3D Laser Scanners Solutions

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Introducing the Trimble X12 3D Laser Scanner – a pinnacle of technical innovation, designed to be the fastest scanner in its class and seamlessly bridge the gap between field data acquisition and office processing.

Technical Advancements:

  1. Ultra-Fast Scanning Speed: The X12 boasts an unparalleled scanning speed, allowing surveyors to capture comprehensive data at remarkable rates, significantly reducing fieldwork time.

  2. High-Density Point Cloud: Experience a higher density point cloud with the X12, ensuring detailed and accurate representation of surveyed environments for more precise analysis and decision-making.

  3. Advanced Laser Technology: The X12 integrates cutting-edge laser technology for improved accuracy and range, delivering superior performance in a variety of surveying scenarios.

  4. Automated Survey Workflows: Take advantage of advanced automation features that streamline survey workflows, ensuring efficient data capture and reducing the need for manual interventions.

  5. Real-Time Data Processing: With the X12, witness the power of real-time data processing in the field, enabling immediate visualization and validation of scan data for on-the-spot decision-making.

  6. Seamless Field-to-Office Integration: The X12 accelerates the transition from the field to the office, offering seamless data transfer and processing capabilities, allowing surveyors to expedite project timelines.

Why Choose the Trimble X12?

For surveyors who demand the pinnacle of speed, accuracy, and technical innovation, the Trimble X12 stands as the ultimate solution. Harness the fastest scanning technology in the industry, reduce fieldwork timelines, and expedite the entire surveying process. Elevate your surveying capabilities with the Trimble X12 – where cutting-edge technology meets unmatched performance for a seamless journey from the field to the office.

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