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GT2000A Dutch Hill Tripod

Dutch Hill Lightweight Heavy Duty Composite Land Surveyors Tripod

  • Manufacturer: Dutch Hill

  • In categories: Tripods & Accessories

  • SKU: GT2000A

  • AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • Price: $389.25

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  • Weight: A mere 13.5 pounds, making it effortlessly portable and easy to maneuver.
  • Length Extended: With an impressive extended length of 72 inches, it provides the elevation required for accurate surveying measurements.
  • Length Collapsed: When compacted, the tripod measures 44 inches, ensuring convenient storage and transportation.
  • Head Type: Rugged Cast Aluminum head.


  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this tripod boasts a robust build that can withstand the rigors of demanding surveying environments. Quality materials ensure longevity and consistent performance over time.
  • Lightweight: Despite its heavy-duty construction, this tripod remains remarkably lightweight, facilitating ease of setup and relocation between survey points.
  • Low Maintenance: Resistant to moisture and the elements, this tripod is engineered for low maintenance. It's built to endure challenging weather conditions without compromising its functionality.
  • Precision Attachments: Equipped with a 5/8-11 standard surveying thread attachment, this tripod readily accepts a wide range of surveying instruments, enabling precise measurements and accurate data collection.

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