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DG813 Spectra Precision Self Leveling Pipe Laser

Spectra Precision DG813 Self Leveling Pipe Laser

  • Manufacturer: Spectra Precision

  • In categories: Laser Levels & Accessories

  • SKU: DG813

  • AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • Price: $4,823.08

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Compact, rugged and powerful with reduced length allowing for easy set-up in tight inverts. Applications include installation of gravity flow sanitary pipelines, storm sewer pipelines, pipe jacking, tunnel boring,can be used in a pipe or “Over the Top” set-ups and more.  Simple to use, with the new menu driver user interface. The lasers help you improve efficiency and provide unprecedented performance and reliability. Working in the trenches just got easier with the new range of pipe lasers from Spectra Precision.

Self-Leveling – The DG813 and DG613 have the largest automatic leveling range in the industry, –12%
to +40%, over the entire grade range – providing quick, easy set-up regardless of grade. Unlike traditional
pipe lasers, they eliminate the need for rough leveling and minimizes crew training. Simply set up the
laser in the pipe, manhole or open cut without the need to swivel or rough level the unit.

Line Alert – This unique feature is ideal for working in high vibration or wet conditions where the pipe
laser may be disturbed. The beam flashes to notify you that the set up line has been disturbed, eliminating
the necessity of rework. Combined with the self-leveling warning you’ll always complete the job correctly,
on time and on budget.

Line Set – The Line Set/Check capability of both pipe lasers allows you to raise the beam up to 100%
outside of the trench for fast line setup or checking. Raising the laser beam out of the trench to an aboveground
stake saves you time – instead of having to move the excavator off line during setup of the pipe
laser, you can just get on with your job. In addition, the Line Set/Check feature is ideal for rechecking the
line for pipe jacking after each push.

User Interface – Large, bright, graphical interface makes the screen easier to see and use when it is in
or out of the pipe. Same graphical interface can be seen on the remote – what you see on the laser you
seeon the remote.

Both lasers feature IP68 Environmental Protection, so pick the laser and accessories that best meets your needs and
see the unprecedented performance and reliability of the Spectra Precision pipe lasers. For complete information on
the different models and configurations please contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions.

*Call for special Pricing*