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25SK32X sitepro auto level 32x_l?ext=

SitePro Automatic Levels

  • Manufacturer: SitePro

  • In categories: Levels

  • SKU: 25SK24X

  • Product Option:

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The SK-Series features excellent magnification with large aperture that allows more light for a sharper image.  Finely tuned magnetically dampened compensator level and stabilizes the line of sight.

All Levels come with Case, Lens Cover, Plumb Bob, Adjustment Tool, and User Manual.


3 Models To Choose From:

  • 24X SitePro Auto Level - 1/16" accuracy at 150'
  • 28X SitePro Auto Level - 1/16" accuracy at 200'
  • 32X SitePro Auto Level - 1/16" accuracy at 250'


  • Compensator has 4 suspension wires made of super-high-tensile metal featuring minimal thermal expansion coefficient.
  • Horizontal and vertical cross hairs with 1:100 Stadia Lines
  • Fine motion horizontal tangent knobs on left/right sides allow friction braked rotation, endless horizontal drive and precise pointing and angle measurement
  • Peep sight to aid in sighting
  • Solid metal leveling base with 3 precision leveling screws
  • 360 degree graduated horizontal circle in 1 degree increments
  • 10'/2mm circular bubble vial with 90 degree mirror for quick and accurate set up


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