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Used SX12

Used Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station - Standard and Laser Pointer Configuration

  • Manufacturer: Trimble

  • In categories: Used Equipment

  • SKU: SX12HW00

  • AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • Price: $25,995.00

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Experience unparalleled versatility in survey projects with the Trimble SX12, a comprehensive instrument seamlessly integrating surveying, imaging, and 3D scanning capabilities into your daily workflow.

Comes with SX12CFG20 - Standard & Laser Pointer Configuration

Effortlessly collect survey data, VISION imagery, and high-speed scans using Trimble Access field software and the SX12’s Lightning 3DM feature. Process data seamlessly with Trimble Business Center or advanced scan processing through Trimble RealWorks Office Software.

Facilitate easy sharing with Trimble Clarity, a web-based platform, and ensure lasting reliability with the Trimble Service and Warranty Guarantee.

Efficiency is maximized with a green focusable laser pointer, providing the industry's smallest spot size (6mm at 100m) for precise aiming, measurement, and marking. The laser maintains visibility without compromising eye safety.

The SX12, functioning as a high-accuracy total station, captures top-tier scan data with 1″ angular accuracy, 1.5 mm scan range noise at 200m, and a 14 mm diameter EDM laser spot at 100m. It boasts a rapid 26.6 kHz scan measurement rate up to 600m, ensuring swift data capture even at long ranges. In prism mode, the total station measures in just 1.6 seconds, and in DR mode, it takes 1.2 seconds.

The inclusion of a new green, focusable Class 1M laser pointer enhances visibility and safety for naked-eye viewing. With a 3 mm diameter laser pointer spot at 50 meters, it offers clear visibility even at a distance.

The SX12 introduces an improved Trimble VISION camera system with three integrated and calibrated cameras in the telescope, enabling straightforward navigation and documentation.

Trimble Geospatial proudly announces the release of the SX12 Scanning Total Station, featuring advancements over its predecessor, the SX10. The updated built-in camera system and laser pointer offer higher resolution, resulting in sharper, more colorful images with reduced noise, particularly in low-light conditions.