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Welcome to KeyNetGPS, Inc.

Welcome to KeyNetGPS, Inc.

KeynetGPS, INC

KeyNetGPS is an exciting business venture of Keystone Precision Solutions. KeyNetGPS is a series of continuously operating, high precision GNSS reference stations. These reference stations have all been linked together using Trimble VRS3Net App software, creating a Virtual Reference Station System (VRS). For a more detailed explanation of a Trimble Virtual Reference Station Network, see Product Summary below. KeyNetGPS markets subscriptions which provide real-time correction data to clients through the Internet. The realtime receiver or rover is linked to the Network using wireless Internet technology.



There is no need for a base station. If you own a Trimble RTK system, your base station may be able to be redeployed as a second rover, doubling your productivity.


With only one GNSS receiver required, the cost of equipment and personnel is reduced significantly.


Instant centimeters on demand within the system area.