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Welcome to KeyNetGPS, Inc.

Welcome to KeyNetGPS, Inc.

KeynetGPS, INC

KeyNetGPS is a series of continuously operating, high precision GNSS reference stations. These reference stations have all been linked together using Trimble VRS3Net App software, creating a Virtual Reference Station System (VRS). Our service area covers the majority of the Northeast United States.

For a more detailed explanation of a Trimble Virtual Reference Station Network, see Product Summary below. KeyNetGPS markets subscriptions which provide real-time correction data to clients through the Internet. The realtime receiver or rover is linked to the Network using wireless Internet technology.


Why a VRS System?

VRS’ GPS accuracy is between one and two centimeters helping to make your measurements more accurate.  To become this accurate, it has to take advantage of the use of nearly exact dual-frequency carrier-phase observations. These observations are processed using a differential GNSS algorithm like RTK or post-processing.  GNSS networks make it possible to use multiple reference stations which results in more exact data modeling of distance-dependent errors. The GNSS network can decrease the dependence of the errors on the distance of the nearest antenna. KeyNet helps keep you covered throughout the Northeast United States. Convinced already? Contact us today for a quote.


There is no need for a base station. Yes, you read that right. If you own a Trimble RTK system, your base station may be able to be redeployed as a second rover, doubling your productivity.


With only one GNSS receiver required, the cost of equipment and personnel is reduced significantly. Get the accuracy you need, when you need it.


Between one and two centimeters, sometimes more!