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We strive to provide the best quality and customer experience in the industry without exception. To this end Keystone Support leverages top of the line technologies and is staffed by a customer forward team of Support Specialists that can help you navigate through quickly changing equipment and software options. Our mission is to keep you and your business productive and profitable by making sure your teams are well versed regarding the newest technologies and workflows. This allows you to rise above the competition and limit expensive downtime due to knowledge gaps in software and equipment.  

Flexible Technical Support Options

If you need technical assistance, we are ready to help you overcome any challenge. Keystone Support has a staff of experienced Support Specialists with experience in the field as well as time behind the technician’s bench. If you have encountered an issue there is a very good chance we have seen it before. You can leverage our experience and access to Trimble’s worldwide resources to help you limit expensive downtime due to technical issues. 

Proactive Training Services

We offer a variety of proactive services such as Keystone Guided Rentals, to help you perform a day’s work in the field with new or rental equipment. This allows you work in the field with new equipment and introduce the workflow under the guide of a Trimble Certified Trainer. This allows you to test out a new solution in the field, receive training all the while serving your clients.

We are willing to do onsite support, training as well as hold webinars for your staff. We can even hold a training at one of our local offices that span the Northeast Region. We also hold trainings once a month at our own offices, trade shows and via webinar on a variety of hardware and software topics. In addition, keep an eye out of our weekly tech talks as well for a wealth of helpful information.

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