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We offer a wide selection of Compasses and Clinometers from top brands like SUUNTO, Brunton, and TruArc. Clinometers are instruments used for measuring the angle or elevation of slopes. Compasses make orientation, navigation, and map reading a breeze. Many of our compasses also have built in clinometers, giving you the best of both worlds.

Drafting Supplies
We offer a wide selection of drafting supplies including: Protractors, Ice Tubes, Erasers, Triangles, Scales, Pencils, Paper, and more. Drafting supplies are an important part of any job, losing hard work due to rain is a thing of the past with Rite in the Rain Drafting supplies. Rite in the Rain products are made to be water proof allowing you to, well….. Write in the rain. We offer scales of varying lengths, available in metric, imperial and US customary systems of measurement.

Field Accessories
We offer a wide selection of Field Accessories including: Field protection products, field books, plumb bobs, chaining pins, gammon reels, and tool pouches. Protecting yourself in the field is important, from cleaning up to pest control, we have you covered. We offer a wide selection of different field books including Transit field books, Economy field books, level field books, and Journal field books from industry recognized brands like: ELAN, Rite in the Rain, and Sokkia.

GPS Mapping Solutions
We offer a wide selection of GPS Mapping Solutions including: Field computers, Accessories, and the best mapping software available. Field computers come in many different shapes and sizes, vary in features, and also have different capabilities. If you are having trouble choosing which field computer will best suit your needs, contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

Laser Range Finders
We offer a wide selection of Laser Range Finders from top Brands Like Laser Technology, and Bosch.

Safety Equipment
We understand that safety in the work place is very important, that’s why we offer a wide selection of Safety Equipment including Safety Cones, LED Road Flares, Strobe / Warning Lights, and various safety signage.

Wearable Safety Products
We offer a wide selection of Wearable Safety Products from top brands like Occunomix, ERB, and SECO. We understand that safety in the work place is very important, that’s why we offer products that meet ANSI / ISEA standards. From Safety vests, pants, and jackets to Hard Hats and Glasses, we have everything you need to protect yourself and be visible year round.

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