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Spectra Precision Focus 8 Total Station

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The Focus 8 Total Station offers the power of a windows CE operating system and world class Spectra Precision Survey Pro field software combined with clear-to-view quality optics, smart design, and superior components.  Both prism and reflectorless measurement capable.  

Has intuitive Survey Pro on-board software and a large display with touch screen technology that makes data management simple.  Units come standard with optical plummet which can be upgraded to laser plummet.  Full alphanumeric "Pop-Up" keyboard allowing users to enter data quickly and accurately.

Basic Specs

  • Angle accuracy of 2" or 5"
  • 30x Telescope
  • Distance Reflectorless mode - 4.9 to 1,640 ft. (KGC 90%)
  • To single prism - 4.9 to 9,840 (2") or 16,400 ft (5") Dual Axis
  • Supports Bluetooth w/ Ext. Collector
  • Optical Plummet or Laser Plummet
  • Dual Displays
  • Dust and Water Protection IP66
  • Weight 8.6 lbs. w/o battery
  • 2 year warranty
  • 2 batteries
  • And More


If you have any questions about the Spectra Precision Focus 8 Total Station or any other total station, please call us and we will be glad to assist you.

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