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Trimble Catalyst

Trimble Catalyst is a revolutionary technology that features a subscription-based software GNSS receiver, yesterday your phone could tell you where you were within a few meters. Today, with Trimble Catalyst, your phone can tell you where you are within just a few centimeters.

Catalyst features a lightweight antenna that plugs directly into your Android phone or tablet's USB port. Once it's connected to any Catalyst-ready or third party location-enabled app, you can use measure, locate, and share the things you map with the world. The little blue dot on your phone just got a whole lot smaller and more accurate.

And, since Catalyst's revolutionary technology features a software GNSS receiver that delivers high accuracy positioning with an on-demand subscription service, you only pay for it when you need it.

So get ready to get insanely close to your world. Whenever, wherever you want to.

To build Catalyst, Trimble took its core GNSS technology that runs on a dedicated hardware chip and transformed it into a software service that can literally run inside an app on your phone. So all you have to do is select a plan and get on-demand accuracy, directly to your mobile device.

With 4 different levels of subscription based accuracy, you can adapt to any job that gets thrown your way without having to change much, if anything, other than your subscription.

To learn more about what Trimble Catalyst has to offer you, please give us a call at 800-833-9250 and we will be glad to answer any and all questions.


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